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Shu-Man Pan

Professor, Graduate Institute of Social Work
National Taiwan Normal University

Educational Background

PhD in Social Work at University of Texas at Austin (1996)
MSW at Soochow University (1987)
BA in Social Work at Chinese Culture University (1985)

Research and Practice Interests

Domestic violence,
Gender studies,
Immigration and ethnic issues

Phone number
Current Research
The study of immigrants’ experiences on care/work balance in their daily life
The study of lesbian battering in intimate relations and migrant domestic workers’ abuse in labour relations
Recent Publications

Pan, S. M. & Yang, J. T. (2010) Care as a Strategy

        in Exchange of Better Life: Chinese Immigrant

        Women in Taiwan. International Migration

        Review (Under review).

Pan, S. M. & Yang, J. T. (2010) Beyond

        heterosexual imagery: Lesbian battering in

        Taiwan. AFFILIA: Journal of Women and

        Social Work (Under review).

Pan, S. M. & Yang, J. T. (2010) Unveiling the mask

        of abuse of migrant domestic worker. 

        Australian Journal of Social Issues

        (Under review).

Pan, S. M. & Yang, J. T. (2008) Cultural

        constructions of female homelessness in 

        Taiwan. Journal of Social Distress and the

        Homeless,17 (3), 53-71.
Pan, S. M. (2007) Prevalence of sexual abuse of

        people with intellectual disability in Taiwan.

        Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

        (Mental Retardation),45(6), 373-379 .
Pan, S. M. (2006) Genealogy and ideology of

        Taiwan homeless delivery services. Journal

        of Social Distress and the Homeless, 15 (4)

        , 253-72 .
Pan, S. M. (2006) A study of family violence and

        sexual assault on people with disabilities.

        Taiwanese Social Work,5,127-159.
Pan, S. M.(2005) Images of Taiwanese

        mothering. Journal of Women's and Gender

        Studies, 20, 41-92.
Pan, S. M.(2005) Uncertain life: Homelessness,

        home, and public policy in Taiwan.

        Taiwanese Social Work, 4,172-198.

Pan, S. M.(2004) Immigrant brides, citizenship

        and domestic violence. Social policy &

        Social work, 8(1), 85-132.

Pan, S. M.(2008) Immigrant women, citizenship,

        and social rights. Community Development

Pan, S. M.(2007) Living on the edge--The impact

        on the society from the case of migrant

        domestic workers’ abuse. Community

        Development Journal,119,103-118.
Pan, S. M.(2006) Equality or difference?--

        Discourse on mother's citizenship and

        maternity policy. Community Development

Pan, S. M.(2004) Analyzing the practice and limit

        of citizenship in light of the phenomenon of

        immigrant brides. Community Development


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